Welcome to the Owermoigne Cricket & Social Club


Chairman’s Message to Members 16th July 2020

We are open again at last! So please come and enjoy the refreshed Club and refurbished patio area.

There are some changes to the service you get, to comply with the government guidance and to keep everyone safe. These are new temporary rules to meet COVID19 requirements.

•   Please read the signs to guide you through the ‘one way system’.
•   To ensure your safety you will be asked on entry to hand sanitise and to sign–in, for Track and Trace requirements, then take a seat.
•   Stay seated to be served throughout your stay. There is no service at the bar. The person on serving duty will usually be wearing a visor or face covering.
•   Please respect the screens placed to allow people from different households to be less than 2 metres apart inside the Club.
•   The Club will be offering card (including contactless) payments to everyone, though we will accept cash as before.
•   Exit is via the patio, which is also the route to access the toilets.

The full risk assessment is shown below.

If you want to help out with serving or bar duties, please let us know.

Members who have already paid up will be able to have a free drink on their return.

Members renewing or joining from now will pay a £5 subscription until March 2021. The Club is only open to Members and their households.

Lastly, a big thank you to the Committee and other volunteers who worked so hard to get the Club ready.

Keith Skerman

At the club AGM held on 8th September 2020 the temporary Covid-19 rules detailed below were approved.

The trial run which started on 10th January for the club's games facilities to be available to teenagers on Fridays between 4:30 and 7pm is now on indefinite hold.

What's On


see also our Facebook page at Owermoigne Cricket & Social Club 

There are no confirmed future events planned yet.


Subscriptions are currently £10 per annum & due on 1st April. Lapsed members may visit the club 3 times only by 31 May before being deemed a non-member. However, a lapsed member may pay in full to be re-instated without having to re- apply.

Any person over 18 years may apply for membership by being nominated & seconded by fully paid-up members. Application forms are available behind the bar & will be considered at the next available committee meeting. New membership shall be by an Initial Membership Fee and Annual Subscription, currently £10.

Please also refer to ‘RULES’

Recent Events

25th January 2020:
Burns Night - see some photos in the Gallery.

New Year's Eve 2019:
Listen to club members Chloe & Jodie Tripp with Andy Newman and Rick Hardy performing Bridge Over Troubled Water and see some photos in the Gallery

13th July 2019:
Local band played their own music. Some of the tracks can be heard here... Restless Natives


Guest Ales


We are currently serving Marstons Pedigree, Ringwood's Best Bitter, Carlesberg and Warsteiner Lager and Thatchers Cider.

COVID Risk Assessment

  1. Introduction:

This risk assessment was carried out by the Club’s Committee against the government guidance for pubs, restaurants and other services. It will be reviewed in the light of our experience within the first month of reopening scheduled 16 July 2020. This risk assessment is on the Club noticeboards and the new COVID19 rules are in the porch. Members have also had copies of this risk assessment and the new rules sent by email. The new rules are temporary and designed to comply with the government guidance.

The Committee welcomes all feedback from Members on the measures taken to make the Club as safe as possible.

The Club is only open to Members and their households. People wishing to become Members can contact the Treasurer/Membership Secretary or talk to staff on the door.

  1. The ‘One-way system’ and new rules of the Club:

The guidance stipulates that there should be a minimum distance of 2 metres (or 1 metre with mitigations ). We will achieve this through a ‘one way’ system and appropriate social distancing, with mitigations where necessary for 1 metre.

People will approach the Club from the path to the front door, with appropriate 2 metre distance markers next to the path, to be observed in the event of a queue. Signage will be in place to explain the distancing required.

At the Club porch there will be hand sanitiser with signage explaining the need to use that before entry. Hand sanitiser will also be available near the ladies toilet and the back door.

People will wait to be greeted by a staff member, who will take the name(s) of Members, and date/time of entry to comply with Track and Trace requirements.  They will then be assigned a table, and usually guided to an available seat(s) with as much choice as possible. The patio will used in the first instance, followed by the bar tables. Indoor areas will be ventilated with windows open.

Members are asked not to move out of their seats, except to go to the toilet, to avoid close proximity risks of transmission.

There will be screens deployed indoors between seats that are a metre apart, to mitigate the risk from transmission from being less than 2 metres apart. Likewise, portable screens will be deployed indoors on tables where those on their own (or in pairs) from different households are seated opposite each other a metre apart.

All orders will be taken by a staff member and delivered to people seated. No orders will be taken or served at the bar. Payment will be taken by the staff member with delivery, using contactless cards wherever possible. Further orders need to be made with a staff member who will come to the table and delivery/payment likewise.

Windows in the Club will be open to increase ventilation. Seats at tables in the patio may covered by gazebos for shade and/or shelter but will have no side screens to ensure maximum ventilation.

Waste bins will be available inside and outside the Club to ensure people dispose of their own refuse. Glasses and bottles used to serve people will be collected by the staff members to avoid people needing to move or go to the bar.

Anyone wishing to go to the toilets from the pool table area or patio, will need to leave by the exit via the patio and side gate and re-enter the Club by the front door. Men at all seats, both inside and outside, will also have to go via the patio exit. Ladies inside the indoor front area can access that toilet direct. Only one person will be permitted in either of the toilets at any one time, with a sign on the outside to indicate whether it is occupied or not.

Signage in each toilet will ask people to wipe wash basins and handles with antibacterial wipes and to wash their hands thoroughly. Hand sanitisers will then be available on re-entry to the Club at either the front door and gents, ladies toilet or patio doors.

Staff members will check on the cleanliness of toilets at least twice per shift. A thorough clean of all surfaces on table and seats, and the toilets will be carried out by staff members at the end of each shift.

To reduce risk of transmission everyone leaving the Club will do so via the patio and the side gate to the public footpath to the car park or Kit Lane. Exit signs will be visible both inside the club and in the patio area.

The reasonable expectation is that everyone attending the Club will adhere to the COVID19 rules outlined. Anyone not adhering to them, will be politely asked to do so. If there is any risk to staff or other people from repeated or serious breaches of these rules, the person(s) will be told to leave immediately. The Club Chairman will be notified of all such breaches, who will then seek assurances of compliance in the future from said Members.

After each person/group leaves the Club, no one will be allowed to sit at that table until a staff member has cleaned it and seat surfaces with anti-bacterial materials.

  1. Staff Care:

It is a top priority for the Club to ensure the safety of staff, who are volunteers, and they will be given every reasonable protection. To this end there will always be two members of staff on duty, at a minimum, to ensure they can serve people at tables and operate without people coming to the bar.

They will be given for own exclusive use a high-quality visor to wear without sharing with anyone else, for their own protection from infection, and to give confidence to Members.

Staff will in any event use sanitiser after each transaction, and trays to serve drinks and take payments. Gloves are available if needed.

Staff will also be given a private briefing and information, before they join the rota, on how the Club operates, on how to help Members to comply with the guidance and reduce transmission risk to a minimum, as well as being given updates on any amendments or clarifications that arise.

The Committee will give staff every support in informing people and ensuring the new rules are complied with.  Any verbal or other abuse of any staff will lead to the Member(s) being told to leave immediately, and the incident reported to the Club Chairman.

  1. Communication:

The Club will publish this risk assessment, and any subsequent amendments, on its website and Facebook page, as well as a summary in the COMPASS magazine. It will also post copies of the risk assessment on its noticeboards. Summaries of the new rules will be sent to Members of the Club by email, in advance of the Club reopening and on joining the Club Membership.

Every effort will be made to ensure those coming to the Club know how it operates and are then enabled to comply with the new rules. The Club has a suggestions book and a Facebook page seeking feedback from anyone on how the Club operates.